After their breakup in January 2019, the former Something Saturday frontman Aaron Christian began writing songs that better reflected his own personal experiences. Aaron formed with his friend Jake Morse a project called Yuck Foo in Mid-2019 as a place to release their whimsical creations from years of working on each other's projects. Their debut EP was released on Halloween 2019. His first single Sea Sick was released in August 2019. 

The EP Another Giraffe Playlist released in August 2020 is a collection of songs written between November 2019 and July 2020 that act as a snapshot of his life at that time. The songs don’t sound pretty, they’re not even good, but it needed to be released.
In late 2020, Aaron took to the studio with engineer Owen Korzec to record his first album "The Little Things" released on December 1, 2020.